Almost there…

Because I didn’t find myself yet, the time has come to move to another country again. 🙂

And because Europe was never very appealing to me (not even as a holiday destination), I decided to try something more exotic this time. And what can be more exotic than Middle East…..Dubai it is then! 🙂

Last year a friend from Bucharest was in Dubai to visit her cousin for a few weeks. She came back so excited and enthusiastic. She reminded me of myself when I came back from US. That was the moment when I decided I want to move to Dubai…and the research begun..:)

I went to an interview but didn’t pass it. After that, because of some family problems, I couldn’t leave the country for a long period of time.
But this spring I started looking again for a job in Dubai. I was more lucky this time. I had the interview on 14th of July (my birthday!), the final interview was a few days later….and the waiting begun… The big call came on a Monday in September. 🙂 Imagine the excitement! I could barely hold myself together and literally trying not to tell every person I see, that I’m FINALLY leaving!

I guess this was God’s plan for me…no NY and no Canada for the moment…(I’m not giving up on NY though 😀 ). I love this plan! Thank you, God!

I’m leaving to Dubai on 28th of November and starting the training on 5th of December…where?…Emirates Airlines, Ground Staff division as Airport Services Agent (check in/boarding)….27 days left!

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal” ~Paulo Coelho


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