9 daily thoughts to live by

by Ana Zkr


I read and liked this statement in a book: “Life is not an emergency”. However, life is short but we never know how short. Many people make it an emergency and stress along the way to reach something, they permanently look for changes till they get exhausted, they chase things and once they get them  they are still not pleased.

Regret and feeling bad for things that we did or didn’t do has no place in our lives. Once we decide to live in happiness we must let go of everything, detach ourselves from feeling guilty or sad. What’s in the past is gone and what was done was done for good. But the future is in your hands and we are the architects of our lives. If we design and build a house and one day it will fall down, we can build another one instead. The funny thing is we will always build a better one.

These are some new principles that I choose to follow in my life:
1) If something breaks, something better awaits for you. There’s always a balance in life;
2) Look deep to the meaning of what happened in the past and design your life based on the experience you’ve had so that everyday you can put a brick on the wall of your life;
3) Thank God and at least one important person in your life for something, on a daily basis;
4) Make plans for the future but don’t stress the process, just focus and fight. Make many plans, don’t put your energy in only one, because plans always change along the way and you have to be ready all the time to follow plan B if plan A is not working. If life was predictable, it wouldn’t be much fun and excitement anymore;
5) Take everything step by step and don’t forget to enjoy it. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you better don’t do it anymore. Some things seem hard to achieve, but always imagine yourself in that position where YOU CAN, YOU WANT TO and YOU WILL;
6) Never lose your trust in people but always make the selection carefully. After all, the people who you surround yourself with reflect who you are. Respect them, be honest with them and ultimately love them;
7) We are strong people. Strong people can easily hurt other people. Be aware of your powers and don’t screw other people’s lives just because you cannot be in control of yourself. Don’t screw your integrity, it’s the most precious gift you have;
8) Love everybody and live in peace. When you find your soul mate, love him/her to death and be ready to do whatever it takes to make him/her happy;
9) What you know has no value if you don’t share it. What you can do for other people has no value if you don’t actually do it. So help people, teach them what you know and share what you’ve learned. The feeling of sharing is amazing.

The power is only in us to design our lives the way we want and attract the things and the people we want.

I always keep saying be happy everyday for small things. Because what do we all want after all? To be happy! I never heard anyone saying that they want to be sad. Did you?

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One Response to 9 daily thoughts to live by

  1. Number nine read like a grand finale. Great list. Thanks for sharing.

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