6 tips on how to get out of your debt


I have recently read Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich“. It’s a great book with a lot of practical advises and financial tips on how to get rid of your debt and how to educate yourself financially.

I like his books because they are very easy to understand for everyone who doesn’t have a financial education. The biggest part of his advises can be applied immediately in our daily lives.

Here is an extract from the book that I think it’s very easy to apply for everyone and it can be a great 1st step in taking control over your own finances:

Pay yourself first. Put aside a set percentage from each paycheck or each payment you receive from other sources. Deposit the money into an investment savings account. Once your money goes into the account, DO NOT take it out until you are ready to invest it. Congratulate yourself! You have just started managing your cash flow.

Focus on reducing your personal debt.

Tip #1: If you have credit cards with outstanding balances, keep only one or two credit cards in your wallet.
Keep the other cards out of sight, preferably in a safe or a safety-deposit box.

Any new charges you add to the one or two cards you now have must be paid off every month. Do not incur any further long-term bad debt.

Tip #2: Come up with 150$ to 200$ extra per month.
Now that you are becoming more and more financially literate, this should be relatively easy to do. If you cannot generate an additional 150 to 200$per month, then your chances for achieving financial freedom may only be a pipe dream.

Tip #3: Apply additional 150 to 200$ to your monthly payment of ONLY ONE of your credit cards.
You will now pay the minimum PLUS the 150 to 200$ on that one credit card.

Pay only the minimum amount due on all other credit cards. Often people try to pay a little extra each month on all their cards, but those cards surprisingly never get paid off.

Tip #4: Once the first card is paid off, apply the total amount you were paying each month on that card to your next credit card.
You are now paying the minimum amount due on the second card PLUS the total monthly payment you were paying on your first credit card.

Continue this process with all your credit cards and other consumer credit such as store charges. With each debt you pay off, add the full amount you were paying on that paid-off debt to the minimum payment of your next debt. As you pay off each debt, the monthly amount you are paying on the next debt will increase.

Tip #5: Once all your credit cards and other bad debt are paid off, continue the procedure with your car and house payments.
If you follow this procedure, you will be amazed at the shortened amount of time it takes for you to be completely debt-free. Most people can be debt-free within five to seven years.

Tip #6: Now that you are completely debt-free, take the monthly amount you were paying on your last debt and put that money toward investments.
Build your assets.

That’s how simple it is.  🙂

Good luck to all!


Andre Agassi’s speach at Stefi Graf’s induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame

I have never been a big tennis fan, I don’t know the game’s rules or anything about how they play.
I only know the big names of the sport and of course everyone of us heard about Andre Agassi.

His book “Open” has been on my “to read” list for a while already and I just came across it in a bookstore recently.

Can I say that I fell in love with this man after reading his book?! Because I think I did. 🙂

I will not write a review of the book, just go to a bookstore, online, or wherever you like to shop and buy this book already and READ IT!!! Trust me, it’s worth the money and the time!

One of the things that impressed me the most about the book and him is how he talks about his wife, Stefi Graf, and his love for her. I wish that everyone would feel a love like this

Bellow is Andre’s speach at Stefi’s induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004.

“I realize the words have yet to be invented that are large enough, colorful enough or true enough to express the heart and soul of this woman that I love, Stephanie!

I wonder what could I possible say to give justice to the way you’ve lived your life and the lives that you’ve changed. I began several years ago with a small chalk board sitting in our kitchen, a tradition that I’ve carried on every night, that at the end of each day I have picked up the chalk and I’ve tried to express the many things you mean to me. Sometimes just a brief line, sometimes a short story, but always an overflow from a grateful heart. And yet after these months and years after writing to you each night I have never been at a short of these ways to reflect the light that she brought into my life. And now, how ironic that in these few short moments I need to capture in words these saying that I deeply appreciate in you. Maybe I can say it to you this simple way:

Not long ago we were on the road and I looked at our hotel room window from upper floor of a very tall high rise  I could see the rooftop of an old and beautiful cathedral. There was stunning with the carved stone and marble done so perfectly. I could not believe the work of art I was seeing and then I wondered how many years did it take them to create this and what drove them to be this committed  then I began to appreciate something greater. I realized when this rooftop was built it was by far the tallest building and in the age long before the airplanes and skyscrapers these artist believed each day as the went about their work that no human being, no one set of eyes will ever see their creation. How could they not have cut one corner, how could they considered no task routine. i can only think it came from a deep place inside, the need to be true to themselves was their reason and the reward.

All of this has helped me to understand you just a little bit better, never needing applause to be at your best, only needing the best your soul can give to feel complete.

From the roar of voices inside the lines of a center court to the quietness of a child’s bedroom, that generous soul, that unbending strength, that soft spoken integrity has not one time been shaken.

The arena of tennis has simply given you a platform and an opportunity to refine those inner qualities even more. You have always been about the action, not about the words. You have never defined yourself by what you have achieved, rather you have achieved by how you defined yourself. And even now it has taken my breath away to see how you quietly laid down your racket to pursue love and motherhood with the same zeal and high standards you have always demanded of yourself. 

Now, no one has ever known you being infatuated by your own accomplishments. In fact, as I’ve always said, anyone who speaks with you will most likely forget the great things you’ve done within 30 seconds. But they will feel cared for, their feelings engaged, and you never let go of their heart until you know that they know they are completely understood.

The history books will record for posterity your ability to embrace and rise above adversity, to play trough injury, and to win, again, and again, and again. Far in the future people will analyze and thus discuss your place as the greatest of your time and as those future generations hear of your strength and dominance they may be tempted to think that they know you or the real heart of a giant that beats inside of you. But for those of us who are blessed to actually see first hand your quiet humility, to watch you represent your sport with unmistakable dignity, and for those of us who are even more blessed to be lifted out of our selves by your laughter, to be on the receiving end of your always generous heart we have etched forever and us something a statistic could never contain. We have been touched deeply by your life, you have made us better and we will never be the same. 

Stephanie, you have spent many years of your life competing, but right here where we stand and the years of your children and right now in my heart you have no rival. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to the greatest person I’ve ever known, Stephanie Graf!”

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Pur si simplu niste cuvinte frumoase…

“Daca pentru o clipa Dumnezeu ar uita ca sunt o marioneta din carpa si mi-ar darui o bucatica de viata, probabil ca n-as spune tot ceea ce gandesc, insa in mod categoric as gandi tot ceea ce zic.

As da valoare lucrurilor, dar nu pentru ce valoreaza, ci pentru ceea ce semnifica.

As dormi mai putin, dar as visa mai mult, intelegand ca pentru fiecare minut in care inchidem ochii, pierdem saizeci de secunde de lumina. As merge cand ceilati se opresc, m-as trezi cand ceilalti dorm. As asculta cand ceilalti vorbesc si cat m-as bucura de o inghetata cu ciocolata!

Daca Dumnezeu mi-ar face cadou o bucatica de viata, m-as imbraca foarte modest, m-as intinde la soare, lasand la vederea tuturor nu numai corpul, ci si sufletul meu.

Doamne Dumnezeul meu daca as avea inima, as grava ura mea peste ghiata si as astepta pana soarele rasare. As picta cu un vis al lui Van Gogh despre stele un poem al lui Benedetti, si un cantec al lui Serrat ar fi serenada pe care i-as oferi-o lunii. As uda cu lacrimile mele trandafirii, pentru a simti durerea spinilor si sarutul incarnat al petalelor…

Dumnezeul meu, daca as avea o bucatica de viata… N-as lasa sa treaca nici o zi fara sa le spun oamenilor pe care ii iubesc, ca ii iubesc. As convinge pe fiecare femeie sau barbat spunandu-le ca sunt favoritii mei si as trai indragostit de dragoste.

Oamenilor le-as demonstra cat se insala crezand ca nu se mai indragostesc cand imbatranesc, nestiind ca imbatranesc cand nu se mai indragostesc! Unui copil i-as da aripi, dar l-as lasa sa invete sa zboare singur. Pe batrani i-as invata ca moartea nu vine cu batranetea, ci cu uitarea. Atatea lucruri am invatat de la voi, oamenii… Am invatat ca toata lumea vrea sa traiasca pe varful muntelui, insa fara sa bage de seama ca adevarata fericire rezida in felul de a-l escalada. Am invatat ca atunci cand un nou nascut strange cu pumnul lui micut, pentru prima oara, degetul parintelui, l-a acaparat pentru intotdeauna.

Am invatat ca um om are dreptul sa se uite in jos la altul, doar atunci cand ar trebui sa-l ajute sa se ridice. Sunt atatea lucruri pe care am putut sa le invat de la voi, dar nu cred ca mi-ar servi, deoarece atunci cand o sa fiu bagat in interiorul acelei cutii, inseamna ca in mod neferecit mor.

Spune intotdeauna ce simti si fa ceea ce gandesti. Daca as sti ca asta ar fi ultima oara cand te voi vedea dormind, te-as imbratisa foarte strans si l-as ruga pe Dumnezeu sa fiu pazitorul sufletului tau. Daca as sti ca asta ar fi ultima oara cand te voi vedea iesind pe usa, ti-as da o imbratisare, un sarut si te-as chema inapoi sa-ti dau mai multe. Daca as sti ca asta ar fi ultima oara cand voi auzi vocea ta, as inregistra fiecare dintre cuvintele tale pentru a le putea asculta o data si inca o data pana la infinit. Daca as sti ca acestea ar fi ultimele minute in care te-as vedea, as spune “te iubesc”si nu mi-as asuma, in mod prostesc, gandul ca deja stii.

Intotdeauna exista ziua de maine si viata ne da de fiecare data alta oportunitate pentru a face lucrurile bine, dar daca cumva gresesc si ziua de azi este tot ce ne ramane, mi-ar face placere sa-ti spun cat te iubesc, ca niciodata nu te voi uita.

Ziua de maine nu-i este asigurata nimanui, tanar sau batran. Azi poate sa fie ultima zi cand ii vezi pe cei pe care-i iubesti. De aceea, nu mai astepta, fa-o azi, intrucat daca ziua de maine nu va ajunge niciodata, in mod sigur vei regreta ziua cand nu ti-ai facut timp pentru un suras, o imbratisare, un sarut si ca ai fost prea ocupat ca sa le conferi o ultima dorinta. Sa-i mentii pe cei pe care-i iubesti aproape de tine, spune-le la ureche cat de multa nevoie ai de ei, iubeste-i si trateaza-i bine, ia-ti timp sa le spui “imi pare rau”, “iarta-ma”, “te rog” si toate cuvintele de dragoste pe care le stii.

 Nimeni nu-si va aduce aminte de tine pentru gandurile tale secrete. Cere-i Domnului taria si intelepciunea pentru a le exprima. Demostreaza-le prietenilor tai cat de importanti sunt pentru tine.”

~Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Cat de frumos ar fi sa putem urma toti acest sfaturi si sa gandim asa. Chiar si daca doar 50% dintre oameni ar gandi astel, poate ca lumea ar fi un loc mai frumos si copiii nostri ar avea o mostenire mai frumoasa de la noi.

love is…


by Roy Croft

I love you
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.

I love you,
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.

I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out;

I love you
For putting your hand
Into my heaped-up heart
And passing over
All the foolish, weak things
That you can’t help
Dimly seeing there,

And for drawing out
Into the light
All the beautiful belongings
That no one else had looked
Quite far enough to find

I love you because you
Are helping me to make
Of the lumber of my life
Not a tavern
But a temple.

Out of the works
Of my every day
Not a reproach
But a song.

I love you
Because you have done
More than any creed
Could have done
To make me good.
And more than any fate
Could have done
To make me happy.

You have done it
Without a touch,
Without a word,
Without a sign.

You have done it
By being yourself.
Perhaps that is what
Being a friend means,
After all.


O viata cat 2500 de vieti

Irena Sendler a murit in 2008 la varsta de 98 de ani. In timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial Irena a primit permisul de a lucra intr-un lagar din Varsovia, Polonia, ca sudor/lucrator tehnic. Ea a avut pentru asta niste “motive ascunse”.

Facand parte din rezistenta subterana poloneza, stia planurile nemtilor in legatura cu evreii. Pe fundul gentii cu instrumente a inceput sa scoata copiii mici din ghetou, iar in partea din spate a camionului avea un sac pentru copiii mai mari. Tot acolo avea si un caine, pe care l-a invatat sa latre ori de cate ori trecea cu masina prin portile ghetoului. Soldatii, evident, nu se apropiau de caine, iar latratul lui acoperea sunetele pe care le mai scoteau copiii. In timpul cat a lucrat acolo, Irena a reusit sa scoata din lagar si sa salveze 2500 de copii.

A fost prinsa de catre nemti, tortutara si condamnata la moarte. I-au fost rupte ambele maini si picioare, dar nu a recunoscut unde a ascuns listele cu numele copiilor… Datorita ajutorului din partea rezistentei poloneze subterane, a reusit printr-o minune sa evite moartea. Dupa razboi a incercat sa-i gaseasca pe cei care au supravietuit si sa reintregeasca familiile. Dar majoritatea dintre ei si-au pierdut vietile in camerele de gazare. Copiilor, pe care i-a salvat ea impreuna cu alti colegi din rezistenta poloneza, li s-au facut documente false si au fost dusi la orfelinate si dati spre adoptie ulterior.

In 2003 Irena a primit cel mai inalt titlu de onoare al Poloniei, ordinul Vulturului Alb(pentru eforturile umanitare din timpul razboiului). Muzeul Holocaustului din Israel i-a dat titlul “Sfanta popoarelor Lumii”. In 2007 a fost propusa pentru premiul Nobel pentru pace, dar nu a castigat.

Irena spunea: “Pana in ziua de azi ma simt vinovata ca nu am facut mai mult…”

In 2009 chipul ei a fost intiparit pe o moneda comemorativa in onoarea membrilor rezistentei poloneze din timpul Holocaustului.

Artista germana Claudia Guderian a sculptat de 2 ori chipul Irenei in bronz. Una dintre sculpturi este expusa la scoala Irena Sandler din Hamburg.

Irena cu cativa dintre copiii pe care i-a salvat, 2005.

Am gasit si un film care a fost facut despre viata ei – aici.

Photo source: Wikipedia

Daily thought….Thursday

“The Law of Attraction, Power of Positive Thinking and Intention are all extremely powerful tools to help you attract and manifest your highest potential. However, they are all secondary to intuition. Unless you are walking on the path that your soul knows it must walk on none of these tools will work properly for you. If you’re living a fear based life and believe that your dreams aren’t real, then the Law of Attraction will give you unrealized dreams, the Power of Positive thinking and Intention will turn into hopeless wishing because you’re taking action based on fear. Once you cross over and say “Yes!” to what your soul knows it should be doing, only then will these tools be of any use to you! We are not five sensory beings; we have 6 senses, intuition being the sixth and most important sense. Once you learn to trust and take action only on your own guidance the world will bow at your feet.”

~ Jackson Kiddard, author and polymath.