Voluntar la ING NYC Marathon 2013


Cea mai extraordina experienta de cand sunt la NY a fost maratonul de duminica.

Recunosc ca sunt inca sub influenta emotiilor dupa ziua de duminica. Chiar daca nu am alergat eu la cursa, experienta de voluntar la un eveniment atat de important este ceva de neuitat. Au fost 10.000 de voluntari, dintre care peste 100 eram la impartirea pelerinelor dupa linia de finish. As fi vrut sa fiu chiar la finish sa impart medaliile, dar nu toti au acces la acele posturi 😉 Trebuie sa fii membru oficial NYRR si sa mai ai experienta de voluntariat la ei in trecut.

Dean Karnazes semnand postere la standul the North Face
2013-10-31 13.30.20
Yeeey!!! Special pentru mine! 🙂

2013-10-31 12.59.28

Inca de la inceputul saptamanii au inceput sa apara prin oras postere cu maratonul (metrou, vitrinele magazinelor, autobuse). Joi s-a deschis marathon expo unde l-am cunoscut si pe Dean Karnazes si de la care am obtinut si un autograf. Este un om foarte simplu si cald, statea de vorba cu fiecare persoana in parte si facea poze. Vineri seara a fost ceremonia de deschidere si parada natiunilor. M-am simtit ca la olimpiada. A avut loc chiar langa linia de finish. A vorbit mai intai presedinta NYRR. A continuat cu un moment artistic prezentat de un grup de acrobati si cheerleaders, dupa aceea urmand parada tarilor. Fiecare tara era prezentata – numarul de alergatori inscrisi in cursa, cateva cuvinte despre tara. Castigatorii de la barbati si femei de anul trecut au alergat cativa metri simbolic pana la linia de finish.

2013-11-01 17.37.36
Unul dintre reprezentantii Romaniei la maraton
2013-11-01 17.40.52
Parada natiunilor
2013-11-01 17.44.01
Parada natiunilor
2013-11-01 18.27.09
Focuri de artificii la finalul ceremoniei de deschidere

A venit si ziua maratonului, am inceput duminica la 8 dimineata. Ne-am adunat toti voluntarii si am plecat sa pregatim zona de dupa finish unde urma sa impartim pelerinele. Central Park si toate strazile din jur erau inchise. Aveau acces doar persoanele acreditate pentru cursa, iar la intrarea in parc politia verifica si actele de identitate ale fiecaruia.

Duminica la NY a fost foarte frig si un vant foarte puternic, am cam inghetat toti pe acolo. Dar cand au inceput sa vina alergatorii tremurand de frig, si cu buzele vinete, am uitat de tot si nu mai puteam sa ne plangem ca ne este noua frig. Am auzit toate cuvintele de multumire posibile in cateva limbi, am fost imbratisati de alergatori pentru ca ii ajutam si le puneam pelerinele pe ei. De la frigul prin care trecusera unii abia se miscau si ajungeau cu lacrimi in ochi la noi rugandu-ne sa punem mai repede un poncho pe ei. Am plecat pe la 7 seara de acolo si spre final deja mergeam noi in intampinarea lor sa-i incurajam si sa-i ajutam.

2013-11-03 08.07.06
mai e un pic, un pic 🙂
2013-11-03 11.22.40
peste 10000 de voluntari la maraton, dintre care peste 100 eram la impartirea pelerinelor dp linia de finish.
2013-11-03 14.37.51
au inceput sa vina eroii zilei 🙂

2013-11-03 15.21.16

Nu am mai vazut demult atatea emotii intr-o singura zi. Voluntarii erau foarte sociabili si amabili, mai mult decat dornici sa ajute toti alergatorii cu orice. Erau persoane de toate varstele, de la adolescenti pana la peste 60 de ani. Unii care nu au alergat niciodata un maraton, dar care vin in fiecare an ca voluntari, doar de dragul cursei si de a ajuta alergatorii. Atmosfera de maraton inca se mai simte in oras. Ieri am vazut foarte multa lume pe strazi cu medaliile la gat. Ii felicitam pe fiecare si-mi multumeau toti cu un zambet larg.

“Whether you’re a runner, volunteer or spectator, you’re still a part of the NYC Marathon” – unul dintre motto-urile cursei. 🙂


Multumesc NY si NYRR pentru o zi de neuitat! 🙂



Rock’n’Roll Madrid Marathon


So I guess I’m a runner. Or maybe I’m not anymore, considering that since I moved to Dubai I ran only 5-6 times probably.
Last week I was in Madrid for the Madrid Marathon. It was my first race abroad, and my most difficult to date. There was a fight in my head starting with km 13. Something like: stop just for 1 min, run, walk, I CAN do this! The profile of the race was very hilly and the finish was in uphill…maybe they wanted to kill us. 😀

I have to admit that I didn’t really train for this race. My longest run was a 7k in a parking lot where I live. And I haven’t been to the gym for the last 4 months. Considering all this, I can say this half marathon is one of my biggest achievements to date and the medal will be one that I will cherish the most.madrid marathon

During the run I was trying to sum up what I feel about the race and about this challenge and this is what I came up with. I posted this on my Facebook immediately when I got home that day.  🙂

3 degrees C at the start+wind+all those hills+almost zero training=Madrid, you almost killed me today!!! I guess we really don’t know what our limits are until we are being forced to push them. Gracias, Madrid! WE did it!!! 🙂 :

the medal



photo source: https://www.facebook.com/RnRMadrid?fref=ts

Andre Agassi’s speach at Stefi Graf’s induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame

I have never been a big tennis fan, I don’t know the game’s rules or anything about how they play.
I only know the big names of the sport and of course everyone of us heard about Andre Agassi.

His book “Open” has been on my “to read” list for a while already and I just came across it in a bookstore recently.

Can I say that I fell in love with this man after reading his book?! Because I think I did. 🙂

I will not write a review of the book, just go to a bookstore, online, or wherever you like to shop and buy this book already and READ IT!!! Trust me, it’s worth the money and the time!

One of the things that impressed me the most about the book and him is how he talks about his wife, Stefi Graf, and his love for her. I wish that everyone would feel a love like this

Bellow is Andre’s speach at Stefi’s induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004.

“I realize the words have yet to be invented that are large enough, colorful enough or true enough to express the heart and soul of this woman that I love, Stephanie!

I wonder what could I possible say to give justice to the way you’ve lived your life and the lives that you’ve changed. I began several years ago with a small chalk board sitting in our kitchen, a tradition that I’ve carried on every night, that at the end of each day I have picked up the chalk and I’ve tried to express the many things you mean to me. Sometimes just a brief line, sometimes a short story, but always an overflow from a grateful heart. And yet after these months and years after writing to you each night I have never been at a short of these ways to reflect the light that she brought into my life. And now, how ironic that in these few short moments I need to capture in words these saying that I deeply appreciate in you. Maybe I can say it to you this simple way:

Not long ago we were on the road and I looked at our hotel room window from upper floor of a very tall high rise  I could see the rooftop of an old and beautiful cathedral. There was stunning with the carved stone and marble done so perfectly. I could not believe the work of art I was seeing and then I wondered how many years did it take them to create this and what drove them to be this committed  then I began to appreciate something greater. I realized when this rooftop was built it was by far the tallest building and in the age long before the airplanes and skyscrapers these artist believed each day as the went about their work that no human being, no one set of eyes will ever see their creation. How could they not have cut one corner, how could they considered no task routine. i can only think it came from a deep place inside, the need to be true to themselves was their reason and the reward.

All of this has helped me to understand you just a little bit better, never needing applause to be at your best, only needing the best your soul can give to feel complete.

From the roar of voices inside the lines of a center court to the quietness of a child’s bedroom, that generous soul, that unbending strength, that soft spoken integrity has not one time been shaken.

The arena of tennis has simply given you a platform and an opportunity to refine those inner qualities even more. You have always been about the action, not about the words. You have never defined yourself by what you have achieved, rather you have achieved by how you defined yourself. And even now it has taken my breath away to see how you quietly laid down your racket to pursue love and motherhood with the same zeal and high standards you have always demanded of yourself. 

Now, no one has ever known you being infatuated by your own accomplishments. In fact, as I’ve always said, anyone who speaks with you will most likely forget the great things you’ve done within 30 seconds. But they will feel cared for, their feelings engaged, and you never let go of their heart until you know that they know they are completely understood.

The history books will record for posterity your ability to embrace and rise above adversity, to play trough injury, and to win, again, and again, and again. Far in the future people will analyze and thus discuss your place as the greatest of your time and as those future generations hear of your strength and dominance they may be tempted to think that they know you or the real heart of a giant that beats inside of you. But for those of us who are blessed to actually see first hand your quiet humility, to watch you represent your sport with unmistakable dignity, and for those of us who are even more blessed to be lifted out of our selves by your laughter, to be on the receiving end of your always generous heart we have etched forever and us something a statistic could never contain. We have been touched deeply by your life, you have made us better and we will never be the same. 

Stephanie, you have spent many years of your life competing, but right here where we stand and the years of your children and right now in my heart you have no rival. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to the greatest person I’ve ever known, Stephanie Graf!”

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Let’s ZUMBA!

Am auzit prima data de acest sport in 2009 cand eram in state. Nu intelegeam de ce erau fetele atat de agitate si entuziasmate cand incepeau sa vorbeasca despre zumba si ca abia asteapta seara ca sa mearga la sala. Am inteles abia cand am cautat pe youtube si am gasit filmulete, si asa m-a prins si pe mine.
Am observat ca inca foarte multa lume nu stie ce este ZUMBA…din pacate pentru ei, zic eu 🙂 Habar n-aveti ce pierdeti.
Dar sa incepem cu inceputul. Prin anii ’90 un instructor de aerobic columbian Beto Perez a ajuns la ora sa de aerobic si si-a dat seama ca a uitat cd-urile cu muzica acasa. Cum nu mai avea timp sa se intoarca dupa ele, a folosit ce avea la indemana, adica cd-urile cu muzica care o asculta in masina – salsa si merengue. Spre mirarea sa ora a avut un success urias, iar vestea s-a raspandit rapid in toata tara.
In 1999 Beto se muta in Miami, Florida unde impreuna cu 2 antreprenori americani dezvolta conceptul Zumba Fitness. In prezent exista peste 40 000 de centre situate in 75 de tari si peste 5 milioane de cursanti.
Muzica folosita este de obicei latino si poate varia de la salsa, merengue, raggaeton si pana la hip-hop, belly dancing, tango, country, rock’n roll si twist. Partea cardio este foarte intensa , iar in timpul unei sedinte se ard intre 700 si 1000 de calorii. Poate parea greu la inceput, mai ales pentru cineva care nu a mai facut dansuri, dar nu este imposibil. Miscarile sunt destul de accesibile, iar dupa 2-3 sedinta sunt sigura ca oricine le poate invata. Iar voia buna si energia pozitiva este asigurate.

In concluzie, daca nu va place sa faceti sport, faceti zumba 🙂