DUBAI: 15 facts

• 2.2 million people live in Dubai. The figure is expected to increase to over 4 million, over 10 years
• There is no crime in Dubai. Dubai is considered the fifth safest city in the world
• A liter of gasoline costs 2.5 dollars
• There are 360 sunny days a year
• Dubai is called the new Florida
• There are 80% foreigners from over 160 nations
• Dubai is the world’s fourth richest country
• There is no personal or income taxes in Dubai
• Dubai has an indoor ski slope, which daily produces 6000 tons of snow
• Dubai is the Englishmen’s most popular weekend destination. It exceeds even Paris
• Between 15 and 25% of the world construction cranes are currently in Dubai
• In 1991, there was 1 skyscraper in the city. Now there are around 400.
• On 13 of January has been declared as an official Bush public Holiday in Dubai. After U.S. President George Bush visited the city in 2008
• Dubai is famous for its gold market, and the Gold Souk itself has over 250 gold shops!
• The national day of Dubai is celebrated on the 2nd of December. On this day in 1971, Dubai gained independence from the United Kingdom.

Dubai Marina




Kiev….or the city where I had the best pancakes ever!

A city full of history, religion, beautiful monasteries and cathedrals,
a city full of struggles, smiles and beautiful people,
a city where you’ll hear at least one time a day from a total stranger on the street how beautiful you are…:)