I’m a dreamer


I’m a dreamer. I believe in dreams. I believe in miracles. I believe in people. I believe in moments that take your breath away. I believe that life is worth living when you have beautiful people around you. I believe that a smile can brighten someone’s day, and sometimes it might not be yours.

I believe the family that you were born in is not the only one you will have in a lifetime. I believe the friends that are there to support you in every moment, good or bad are the family that you create and choose for yourself.

I believe that we came to this earth with a reason. Some of us will find it very early; others will probably still be looking for a long time. The secret is not to stop looking. Looking for a reason, a purpose, a thing, a person, a place, a moment in time…something that will take your breath away and in that specific moment everything will make sense and you will know that the search was worth the wait, that the time was not spent in vain. And all your questions will finally have an answer. 🙂

I live for my dreams,
I live for my family,
I live for my friends,
I live for the moment!

What do you live for? 🙂


Daily thought…Wednesday

You will only be as successful as the people you surround yourself with. This is why it is better to walk alone than to be with people who bring you down (even if you love them and if they love you).
 After a while, people will stop telling you it’s impossible or a bad idea and start asking you, “How did you do that?”

I’m a dreamer…

Dreamers think big, take risk and are misunderstood by a lot of people. Dreamers change the world. Every invention, innovation and major leap forward for mankind was once only a dream. Whether it was Dr. King’s dream or the dream of the Egyptian people for freedom, dreams have power. When enough people believe in a dream, anything is possible. But it always starts with one.

Or at least I like to believe that I am:)