Rock’n’Roll Madrid Marathon


So I guess I’m a runner. Or maybe I’m not anymore, considering that since I moved to Dubai I ran only 5-6 times probably.
Last week I was in Madrid for the Madrid Marathon. It was my first race abroad, and my most difficult to date. There was a fight in my head starting with km 13. Something like: stop just for 1 min, run, walk, I CAN do this! The profile of the race was very hilly and the finish was in uphill…maybe they wanted to kill us. 😀

I have to admit that I didn’t really train for this race. My longest run was a 7k in a parking lot where I live. And I haven’t been to the gym for the last 4 months. Considering all this, I can say this half marathon is one of my biggest achievements to date and the medal will be one that I will cherish the marathon

During the run I was trying to sum up what I feel about the race and about this challenge and this is what I came up with. I posted this on my Facebook immediately when I got home that day.  🙂

3 degrees C at the start+wind+all those hills+almost zero training=Madrid, you almost killed me today!!! I guess we really don’t know what our limits are until we are being forced to push them. Gracias, Madrid! WE did it!!! 🙂 :

the medal



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2 lucruri la care nu cred ca voi renunta vre-odata

A citi:
1. A parcurge un text (pronunțând cuvintele sau nu) pentru a lua cunoștință de cele scrise;
2. Fig. A descoperi, a sesiza gândul, sentimentele ascunse ale cuiva din atitudinea sau din expresia figurii sale;
3. A învăța, a studia (parcurgând scrieri, izvoare etc.). A se instrui, a se cultiva.
A alerga:
1. A merge repede; a goni; a fugi;
2. A fugi după cineva sau ceva pentru a-l ajunge, a-l prinde. A fugări pe cineva;
3. A se grăbi într-o direcție sau către un scop;
4. A participa la probele de alergări în cadrul unei competiții sportive.

Sursa definitiilor – aici.